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“SUNSET CHEERS” Tasting Party
From Oct 19 to Nov 4, 2018 (5-8pm on every Fri; 3-8pm on every Sat - Sun), Harbour City presents “Sunset Cheers” Tasting Party on 3/F and Ocean Terminal Deck of Ocean Terminal.
Upon presentation of “Sunset Cheers” Tasting Pass, customers will enjoy a series of wine and food under the breathtaking sunset of Victoria Harbour! Besides selected red wine, white wine and sake, our bartender would help you to choose the best choice among various “Sunset” Cocktails based on your personal interest and taste. To pairing with the wine, Harbour City also prepares selections of premium canned seafood from different countries at city'super; and introduces the popular Japanese canned food brand MR. KANSO to Hong Kong for the first time.
“SUNSET CHEERS” Tasting Pass
  • Total 2 types of pass. Each type of Pass can redeem 1 designated canned seafood and 3 glasses of drinks throughout the Party
  • Drinks can choose designated red wine, white wine, sake; and maximum 1 glass of cocktail or mocktail
Pass Purchase
HK$100 / HK$150 per Pass
*Only accept onsite cash payment
*Daily quota applies on tasting pass while stock lasts.
Pass Redemption
During the promotional period from Oct 19 – Nov 4, 2018 (every Fri – Sun), customers can redeem one Pass with single spending of HK$1,000 or above^ by electronic payment (credit card or EPS) at any retail and F&B outlet of Harbour City. Customers should present their own credit card or EPS card, corresponding machine-printed receipts and electronic payment slips to redeem ONE Pass (valued at HK$100) at the sales booth of the “Sunset Cheers” Tasting Pass.
^Each customer can redeem maximum ONE Pass upon presentation of payment slip on the same day. Quota applies on tasting pass redemption while stock lasts.
Sales Booth of Pass
Date:19/10/2018 – 4/11/2018 (Every Fri - Sun)
Time:5pm – 8pm (Every Fri) / 3pm – 8pm (Every Sat & Sun)
Venue:Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City (near LCX – XPlus)
“Wine Sensory” Station
You can also participate in the Wine Challenge Game at the “Wine Sensory” Station, which you have to distinguish different wines by your sense of smell. Our staff will then provide two different types of wine for participants to pair up. Winners will be awarded with a glass of designated wine*.
*Available while stock lasts.
Terms & Conditions of Pass Redemption
  1. Each customer can redeem maximum ONE Pass upon presentation of payment slip on the same day.
  2. Quota applies on Pass while stock lasts. Customers can enquire for the redemption status at Sales Booth of Pass.
  3. Customers are required to present 1) their own credit card/ EPS card / mobile phone used for the spending, 2) valid original computer-printed receipt(s) from retail or F&B outlets of Harbour City, and 3) corresponding original electronic payment slip or transaction record, together with simple registration, in order to join the promotion.
  4. To be eligible to redeem the Pass, all electronic payment slips must be supplemented with the corresponding credit card / EPS card carrying the same name of the customer. Harbour City Estates Limited reserves the right to ask customers to present their proof of identity for verification use. Octopus, Cash, Gift voucher and other payment methods are NOT accepted.
  5. Value-adding receipts, transaction for purchasing tenants’ cash vouchers/gift vouchers/gift cards and “Apple” electronic products /accessories are NOT eligible for redemption. Receipts from bank charges, membership fee payment, medical charges, insurance & investment fee payment, telecommunications services, bill payment service, car parking fee, car wash services, wedding banquets, private and corporate functions at restaurant outlets are NOT eligible. For instalment transactions, only the first month’s instalment payment amount will be accepted for this promotion. Duplicate, photocopied, handwritten receipts and splitting of receipts are NOT accepted.
  6. All spending receipts that have been used for Pass redemption CANNOT get refund from the outlets. If customers MUST get the refund, they should return the redeemed Pass and Dining Vouchers at the sales booth first.
  7. Each eligible original receipt will entitle the customer one registration only. The redemption cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers (except Standard Chartered Credit Cards Promotion, Harbour City VIC Club Promotion and Parking Offer).
  8. Redeemed Passes are NOT FOR SALE, non-exchangeable for cash and/or other gifts, and are non-returnable. Harbour City Estates Limited & participating tenants reserve the right to collect or cancel the Passes used for sale.
  9. Staff of Harbour City retail and F&B outlets is NOT eligible to join this Promotion.
  10. In case of any dispute, the decision of Harbour City Estates Limited shall be final.
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