Seafood Cheers
Dish & Menu
Happy Sunset
Hour x Seafood Tapas
Sunset Cheers
Tasting Party
Cheers in the City @ Harbour City
Wine Tasting under breathtaking Victoria Harbour View at Ocean Terminal Deck
26 Restaurants present a Wine and Seafood Pairing Menu & Tapas
With over 70 Food & Beverage Outlets, Harbour City introduces a wide range of new restaurants with stunning Victoria Harbour views enabling customers to enjoy the breathtaking scenery while savouring high-quality global cuisines at the same time. Harbour City would launch a series of wine and seafood related activities in Oct – Nov 2018, including “Sunset Cheers” Tasting Party, “Seafood Cheers” Pairing Menu & Dish, and “Happy Sunset Hour” Pairing Seafood Tapas.