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yè shanghai
Location: Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel Arcade L6 MPHK 600
Phone: 2376 3322
Available Time: 18:00 - 22:00
Cuisine: Chinese Cuisines
Price: HK$680 per person

10% off for Standard Chartered/MANHATTAN credit cardholders & Harbour City VIC Club Members

braised dried turnip in sweet soy, jelly fish in spring onion oil
tea leaf smoked egg, crispy eel, garlic cucumber
1949, Verdejo Phonemo Rodriguez-Rueda
stir-fried river shrimps
baked stuffed fresh water crab shells
sauteed assorted mushroom in soy sauce
sautéed shredded mandarin fish
QS2, Bodega Terras Gauda-Castilla Y Leon
crispy rice cones filling with diced chicken
braised beef ribs with brown sauce
abalone and noodles in spring onion oil
Mendoza Torrontes Tardio
baked “Huangqiao” cakes

Remarks :
10% Service Charge
minimum 5 persons