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Nishimura Restaurant
Location: Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel Arcade L6 MPHK 602
Phone: 2735 6899
Available Time: 18:00 - 22:30
Cuisine: Asian Delights
Price: HK$2,600 for 2 persons

Standard Chartered/MANHATTAN credit cardholders & Harbour City VIC Club Members

Appetizers (Five Kinds)
Salad: Flounder Carpaccio
Steamed: Abalone Chawan-mushi
Sashimi: Tuna Belly, Lean Tuna Fillet, Yellow Tail, Ark Shell, Sweet Shrimp
Grilled Food: Salted Kinki
Teppanyaki: Prawn, Scallop, Salmon
Rice: Fried Rice with Seafood
Soup: Miso Soup with Clam
Dessert: Japanese Ice-cream
2 Glasses of HOKKAIDO Niagara Sparkling

Remarks :
10% Service Charge